EXPOOL members are small and medium artisan companies, almost entirely family-run businesses, specialized in the production of footwear, bags and accessories for women, men and children.

The strengths of our companies are specialization and production flexibility. Each company has its own production speciality, linked to the artisan tradition and the territory, working for years with the utmost care on design, fit, durability and quality of materials as well as an eye on innovation, offering maximum availability for research and experimentation for any personalization request of the buyer.

The experience and traditions of our shoemakers and craftsmen as well as the buyer’s need of offering something new and unique, it is the perfect combination for a top-quality Made in Marche product.

The artisan company is specialized in the production of Arab sandals for men, women and children, respecting the authentic tradition of their production. The bottom, in fact, is made with a cork wedge which is then covered with high quality leathers entirely hand-sewn.

For the sandal models it is possible to use any type of leathers, accessories and color combinations according to the specific requests of the customers cause the company also collaborates with private label projects by offering the best knowledge of true Made in Italy production.

Family-run company that manages to guarantee a high quality product for the elegant and fashionable woman, thanks to the continuous research for new shapes which express refinement but also comfort by the rigorous respect for proportions and techniques of the artisan production.

Their collections present mostly articles with high heels but also they offer lower models in order to satisfy every customer. They are open to private label collaborations on their collection or new models working on the study and development of any specific project.

The company′s mission is to accompany future brides on the most important day of their life with style, elegance and refinement! The shoes are designed, created and manufactured bespoke for the bride, 100% personalized thanks by the offer of more than 100 types of materials, colors, different heights of heels, accessories of all kinds, so as to create the perfect shoe for each bride and ceremony!

In addition to the brides, the family business also takes care of the guests, offering many models of ceremonial shoes, these too customizable and combinable with bags and clutches always handcrafted. They produce under their own brand "Ferracuti Shoes" but they also accept orders and productions with private brands.

The company has specialized for years in the production of sporty and comfort men and women shoes. From sneakers to running, through slip-ons, boots, brogues to racing shoes, “Formula Shoes” puts the comfort of the shoe and the fitting first, using vegetable tanned leather, highly breathable and flexible fusbet and favoring the use of specific lasts to enhance each model. Personalized private label projects are welcome both by exploiting existing shapes and patterns than by developing everything from scratch.

All the manufacturing and selection processes of the materials are followed and controlled by master shoemakers, who together contribute to the creation of an elegant and sophisticated men′s shoe, both in luxury and sports models, entirely "Made in Italy". The talent of Italian craftsmanship is appreciated in all Lancio shoe models, from those with standard constructions to those with harder processes such as "blacke rapid", "goodyear", "norvegian" or "bag construction". The company is also open to private label partnerships.

The founder of "Luca Iachini" brand is called "the Visionary man" for his ideas that anticipate future fashions in an amazing way. His shoes mainly for men but also for women, do not follow fashion, but create it by playing with leather, fabrics, provoking with particular production techniques but always and totally handmade. Those who love a trendy and cosmopolitan style can also collaborate with this company with private label.

Family company specialized in the production of shoes for kids from the first steps up to adolescence. The care of every detail for a perfect shoe for our children is the priority of the expert craftsmen of this brand. Selection of materials, quality and originality of the models, in relation to a fair price, are the characteristics that distinguish its product and make it unique in its kind. The "Luca Kids" collection offers many models that can be customized or used even in private label partnerships.

The company produces high-quality men′s shoes, preferring an avant-garde style but also offering many classic-style pieces in the collections. The small artisan laboratory where the production is developed guarantees a deep and total control of every little detail. All the finest constructions such as Ideal, Blacke rapid, Goodyear, etc. are also carried out in private label.

Craftsmanship & Made in Italy are the key points with which each piece of the "Paul Meccanico" leather goods collection is made, ranging from bags to belts, bracelets, backpacks, suitcases and fanny packs. The peculiarity of their production is in the main material. In addiction to leather, in fact, there is the use, or rather, the recycling of truck tarpaulins which gives that underground touch to the products! Furthermore, inside the Paul Meccanico creations you will find the serial number of the product to guarantee the uniqueness of the article. You can finally say: I’m the one to have it! The company also develops mass production with its own brand or private label according to requests. The development of completely new and customized leather creations is just another of the company′s capabilities!

The style of the Sergio Amaranti collections is inspired by the contemporary woman. It is elegant, but also comfortable, whether it is décolleté with a dizzying heel or charming ballerinas, to allow you to be naturally sophisticated, in any occasion. It looks at fashion and trends, but interprets them through his own personal taste. The Amaranti company produces with unique craftsmanship and tradition, always pursuing their professional ethics which is to create a "beautiful and well-made" product!

The company mainly produces sneakers made entirely in Italy with high quality materials, handcrafted in detail, for a refined woman who loves to combine style and comfort. With the TIMELY and TIMAR JUNIOR brands, it also produces shoes for kids following the same standards. The company also accepts partnerships with private label.

“Viola Fonti” represents the typically Italian art of knowing how to design, create, package something unique. The products are handcrafted in all phases of work in Italy, for a woman who loves casual and comfort. The style of the Viola Fonti collections tends to favor retro and vintage traits but at the same time the company′s collections focus on the avant-garde, placing great emphasis on the choice of natural and eco-sustainable raw materials! The company is also available to evaluate requests for partnerships with private label.