Made in Marche

Footwear in Marche Region

The origins of the Marche Shoe District - also known as Fermano-Maceratese footwear district due to the main geographical concentration of artisan laboratories in these Provinces - dates back to the Middle Age with leather processing, but it is not until the nineteenth century that we can talk about an actual footwear hub.

During this period, between Montegranaro, Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Monte Urano and Monte San Giusto, there are many artisan laboratories for the shoe production and therefore this trade represents the main economic source of the area.

Over the years, the industrial transformation grows, but most companies maintain a small size, often a family-run business, which creates a unique district network, able to maintain the high-quality standards characteristic of large-scale craftsmanship.

For the most curious about the past of the craft traditions, we recommend a visit to the "Museum of the Footwear" in Sant'Elpidio a Mare, where the historical evolution of the Marche footwear is showcased: from samples of vintage machines to shoes of famous personalities as well as a real-life reconstruction of an artisan laboratory of the ’40s.

La vista delle colline marchigiane dalla finestra di uno dei nostri laboratori Artigiano all'opera

The real Made in Italy

Creativity, design, innovation, aesthetic taste are just some of the amazing features of the Italian Style known across the world.

One of the main features of the Made in Marche is the almost total use of local suppliers. Thanks to the resources of our territory, in fact, companies have been funded over the years for each item and production phase of the shoe/bag.

In the area, there are heel factories, upper factories, welt factories, embroidery factories, box factories, etc., which are an integral part of the complex production process and they contribute - together with the use of fine leathers and the artisan’s skills - to high quality and authenticity.

The large availability of accessories, materials, suppliers of third phases on-site, allows the companies of the Marche Shoe District to have high production flexibility and therefore a high capacity to satisfy customized production requests coming from foreign markets, dealing with Private Label collaboration too.

What distinguishes the Made in Marche is the ability to innovate while staying true with artisan processes, with its own history and territoriality..

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